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Baseline Music Project

Mondays  5 pm - 7.45 pm  (Damien)

Making Beats and Song Writing  


Wednesday 5 pm - 7 pm   (Phil)

Learning to play an instrument & vocals

School years 7 - 13

Term time only       All activities are free



We have fully equipped music studio facilities for recording and production, plus DJ and mixing facilities available.

Our professional music specialists will help you produce beats, compose your lyrics and perform your track live in order for it to be recorded onto a CD or converted to a Mp3 file. You can use a number of different programs in our studio; Logic Pro X, Fruity Loops, Cuebase, and Reason to produce your music.

Baseline isn’t just for those of you who MC or DJ, we also have the facilities for bands to practice and record their tracks as well. Baseline can help unlock your potential and assist in gaining a greater understanding of performance interpretation, studio techniques and artistic development. We also offer a music lyric composition workshop and regular open mic nights where you can practise your performance skills in front of a friendly audience.

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